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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am back

Howdy everyone

I have recently taken a break on posting and gaming in general mainly because I was really busy with a course, work and of course, preparing for a house purchase and marriage.

I was trying to compensate by playing league of legends with a clan since star craft 2 isn’t popular in our country (Malta) but unfortunately I had some personal issues which made me to drastically reduce my game playing time thus making only able to play mmorpg’s.

Since there where tones on the market which where free 2 play I started to try them out

1)      age of conan

Has a dark templar but still the game play wasn’t for me it was too hectic but at least great graphics.

2)      forsaken world

I think this is a very good world of warcraft clone graphically but it lacks fun quests and excitement

3)      rusty hearts

fun game to play nice anime graphics unfortunately there are only 4 premade chars to choose and they all the same looking so in the main city everyone is very similar to another. And that kinds ruins me

4)      dragon nest

action packed, great combat,amazing story, but childs graphics -_- so almost there.

5)      DC Universe

What can I say:

-         Great Combat
-         Amazing Graphics
-         Cool story line

So we have a winner J

I’d finally like to add that I will try to add more stuff and content here I’ll do my best J take care

1 comment:

  1. You should try Lord of the Rings Online. Awesome game and great free to play model.