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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discussion IPOD Touch VS Iphone

Hello everyone hope you all doing fine,

Unfortunately my n900 recently died :( the usb came apart and since i had no warranty i got screwed
so I decided well lets try an iphone and after scouring shops, contracts and e-bay I noticed that its bloody Expensive, and started thinking about the next best thing.

I basically wanted an i phone for his cool apps and games and off course the capability to go on facebook, twitter,(bare in mind that in my country data packages are really expensive so i mainly use wifi) and play games (STREET FIGHTER 4!!!!). So finally decided to just get an i pod touch and get a normal basic phone which has blue tooth,and a really crappy camera.

So far I must say that I am quite satisfied, I mean I have what i wanted at 1/4 of the price but with the penalty of carrying a small lightweight phone aswell , The only things missing where gps maps,and a camera. How will I solve this?

Well for the Maps there is an offline maps app for the pod touch i phone, which is satisfactory for me as will mainly use it if I go on a holiday and need to check something about my whereabouts now for the camera im undecided weather to get a proper camera or simply replace this old phone with a camera phone say the satio or perhaps a much lighter on. When ill make up my mind I'll let you know .

Concluding I just wanted to say that If your a poor geek who would like to have one in all device with cool games etc I would suggest to spend less and get just 2 devices for example:

if  you get an I pod touch for ll your software requirements and games (its like having a pc in the palm of your hand with just wifi) which new costs around Euro 180 + a normal basic smartphone without wifi and a decent 3.2mp camera for another 100 for a total of 280 euros and have them both brand new with warranty instead of getting for the same price a used iphone 3g. For less money you can have a better camera, 2 devices and all the same applications. im planing of gettin either an nokia 5630 which a very slim phone with a decent camera and the shindigs,or just a cheap digital 10mp camera for when I'm abroad.

What do you guys think does this make sense or not?

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